Mar 14, 2008

Mayor Funkhouser: Historical Figure of Kansas City

"For years we have relied on accounting tricks to balance our budget, instead of making strategic choices and crafting budgets that reflect our values," he said. "The result is that important services – services approved by the Mayor and Council – often get shortchanged. These cuts are technically off the books, but they are very real to people who depend on city government to make their communities livable." Mayor Mark Funkhouser -(article)

Another good quote from the Mayor, March 7, 2008 Kansas City Business Journal:
'Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser suggested Thursday that using Union Station as the center for a light-rail system could support the landmark without new taxes.

Funkhouser doesn't back a suggestion to raise property taxes to help finance the station, he said in a release.

"By making Union Station the hub of a regional light-rail system, the grand building will reclaim its significance to the Kansas City region and enjoy a steady stream of people through its arched doorways," he said in the release.

In addition to making the station financially viable, the use would be a fitting tribute to the history of what was the nation's second-busiest railroad station, Funkhouser said in the release, adding that he was pleased with the progress station officials have made toward fiscal solvency.'

'Mayor Funkhouser believes the City Council should make strategic changes to the budget to protect the services that are most important to Kansas Citians, which he described as "streets, codes, cops and kids." -(article)

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