Apr 15, 2008

Just made $25, Google Stock Screener, TringMe

I posted about RevolutionMoneyExchange earlier and I thought I'd add that they posted $25 in my account today. I'm just waiting for my bank account to be approved (it takes about 3-5 days after signup). Sign up and get $25!

I updated my investment portfolio at Google Finance to reflect the 401k I started with Apple, as well as the stocks I bought in December. There's a new feature called Stock Screener which lets you search for stocks using specific, customizable criteria. Check it out!

(from Google Finance Blog):

"If you haven't used one before, a screener is an advanced search tool that lets you find companies which match a set of criteria. For example, you could search for large companies with a PE ratio less than 20 which pay at least a 5% dividend. Or you could screen for small tech companies with strong 5 year growth. It's entirely up to your investment strategy.

Anytime you make adjustments like setting a value, removing a criteria, or limiting the search to a single exchange, the list of results updates automatically. The search is completely live -- no buttons to press. We also have blue and white histograms so you can see the distribution of all companies for a particular value--for example there are far more companies with a market cap below one billion dollars than above. You can either grab the sliders or type exact values to the set the minimum and maximum for each criteria.

Once you have run a screen that you like, you can bookmark the page or email the link to a friend. Since not all of the criteria may be familiar terms, we've included definitions in the Add Criteria wizard, as well as a help icon next to each line."
One new thing I added to my site called TringMe, which lets you add a voicemail/call feature to your website. It should be fun if you have a microphone on your computer. I don't know how many people I know actually use a Mac, but if you have a Mac made in the last few years you should. Check it out, or click the button to the right that says "Call Jameson." The more people you invite to TringMe the more call credits you get to call phones for free. I believe voicemail is completely free however.

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