Apr 25, 2008

Remove Flouride from Water


Ways to Remove Fluoride from Water

* Reverse Osmosis Filtration
This is used to purify several types of bottled water (not all), so some bottled waters are unfluoridated. Reverse osmosis systems are generally unaffordable for personal use.

* Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter
These filters are used in locales where fluorosis is prevalent. They are relatively expensive (lowest price I saw was $30/filter) and require frequent replacement, but do offer an option for home water filtration.

* Distillation Filtration
There are commercially available distillation filters that can be purchased to remove fluoride from water. On a related note: When looking at bottled water, keep in mind that 'distilled water' does not imply that a product is suitable for drinking water and other undesirable impurities may be present.

These Do NOT Remove Fluoride

* Brita, Pur, and most other filters.
Some websites about fluoride removal state otherwise, but I checked the product descriptions on the companies' websites to confirm that fluoride is left in the water.

* Boiling Water
This will concentrate the fluoride rather than reduce it.

* Freezing Water
Freezing water does not affect the concentration of fluoride.

Steps to Reduce Fluoride Exposure

* Don't take fluoride supplements.

* Read labels on bottled beverages.
Unless they are made using distilled or reverse-osmosis water, they are probably made with fluoridated public water.

* Consider using unfluoridated toothpaste.

* Avoid drinking black or red tea.
They come from two different types of plants, but both leaves naturally contain high amounts of fluorine.

* Be wary of tinned fish and canned food items.
Fluoride may be used as a preservative.

* Avoid black or red rock salt or items containing black or red rock salt.

* Avoid using chewing tobacco.

* Avoid long term use of medication that contains fluorine.
Certain antidepressants and medications for osteoporosis contain fluorine.

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