Apr 8, 2008

U.S. Health Care

Michael Moore's "Sicko" (Now you have no excuse)

Good Movie, Now Where's the Movement?
Sicko and the Politics of Health Care - Ralph Nader, June 2007

Ralph Nader's stance on Health Care (ontheissues.org)
#For single-payer; all major candidates oppose it. (Feb 2008)
#Billing fraud and abuse costs $200B. (Feb 2008)
#Single-payer health care plan over for-profit care. (Feb 2008)
Single-payer health care, Canadian-style system

Hillary Clintons stance on Health Care
# Bottom line is cost; mine is more affordable than Obama's. (Feb 2008)
# Obama's plan includes mandate on 150 million parents. (Feb 2008)
# Taxpayers pay for drug R&D, not drug companies. (Jan 2008)
# My health care program will cover everyone. (Jan 2008)
# Need a health care system that manages chronic diseases. (Jan 2008)
# Universal health care is a core Democratic principle. (Jan 2008)
1993 Clinton Health Care Plan... also see HMO

Barack Obama
# Hillary's plan must either be enforced, or leave out people. (Feb 2008)
# The problem with health care is about affordability. (Jan 2008)
# Subsidies to people who can't afford care--not single payer. (Jan 2008)
# Bring GOP & Dems together to make haelthcare affordable. (Jan 2008)

# Harness market competition for comprehensive reform. (Feb 2008)
# Preserve quality of health care by individual responsibility. (Dec 2007)
# Give individuals $2500 refundable tax credits for healthcare. (Oct 2007)
# Control health costs so manufacturers stay competitive. (Oct 2007)
# No mandated universal system; no mandated insurance coverage. (Jun 2006)
# We should be able to reimport drugs from Canada. (Jan 2006)

The Insane Cost of U.S. Health Care (everything2)

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