May 1, 2008

Thursday Night Tornado Warning

I'm spending my Thursday night laying in bed, in the dark, just
listening to my window- air conditioning unit and watching twitter
updates on my iPhone (and blogging from it). I saw the quote "Google:
solving existential crises since 1998" today and I was reminded of it
while watching people tweet about 'Lost' (a horribly boring inside
joke), baseball games, parties, the best tv nights, all while doing or
watching those things. I remembered the quote wrong: "Google:
existential bliss something something" (I quote everything wrong
constantly and I'm horrible at retelling jokes) and I thought that was
pretty comforting. Voluntary surveillance is comforting. Imagining a
million people on the same message board leaving one-liners, having
quick conversations with themselves, sharing seemingly random thoughts
with the rest of the world is comforting to me. Obviously I'm not
alone because it seems to have been catching on over the last few

Ok I need to get tired, where's the benadryl

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