Jun 2, 2008


VIDEO - How to Detox With an Ayurvedic Diet
Bitter tastes, bitter roots, bitter vegetables alkalize the body. When the body is more alkaline the lip system can drain. These tastes are what we lack in our diet. The more bitter foods the better the detox.
Pungent tastes, ginger (tea), peppers, spicy foods, radishes, etc. stimulate circulation.
Astringent tastes, cucumbers, beans, pomegrannats are good blood purifiers.

Sweet, Sour(calming for the nervous system), and Salt make up the majority of the diet.

Drinking boiled, warm water by itself is perfect for detox.


Cardio and Toning

D-Tox Foot Spa

Body Purifying Foot Pads

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Fruits Juice in the Morning
squeeze two oranges and a clementine and have some fresh juice instead. It only takes about 5 minutes to squeeze your own fruit juice and it will really give you a boost of energy in the morning. You don't need to have a large breakfast with "something heavy" in your stomach. In fact having a lighter fruit breakfast is exactly what your body needs to clean out the toxins in it.

Raw Foods
Similar cleansing reactions experienced on a juice fast will also be experienced on a raw food or fruit diet, but the process is slower. Raw nuts, fish, or baked chicken are a good source of protein.


Anonymous said...

Are you using the right detox foot patch?

You may be using a cheap and possibly dangerous knockoff made in CHINA or KOREA.

For more info on the ORIGINAL Patch tested and made in JAPAN please visit:


Jameson in KC said...

I haven't started using the patches yet but I intend to. Thanks for the tip.


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