Apr 21, 2008

How is Nader Polling

Last week, we reported on a poll showing Ralph Nader at 10 percent in Michigan.

Last month, a Fox News poll showed that one in seven voters (14 percent) would seriously consider voting for Ralph Nader for President in November.

And just this morning, a Suffolk University poll of Pennsylvania Democrats shows Nader at four percent.

But then the pollsters at Suffolk University reported this finding:

Nader's four percent could potentially quadruple, as 17 percent of Democratic respondents said that if their first choice does not get the Democratic nomination, they may vote for Nader.

Here's the point:

This is a volatile election year.

Both parties are securely in the hands of large multinational corporations.

And as a result, on key issues that the American people care about, Nader/Gonzalez are on one side of the political fence, McCain/Clinton/Obama are on the other.

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